Italian handbags for Private Label

Many Italian handbag manufacturers and brands let you customize their models with your own label and the sought-after "made in Italy" claim. You can also bring your original handbag designs and have them manufactured in Italy, with the highest quality and the best materials. Italian master artisans can help you to get the best handbags for your fashion brand.

Most Italian handbag companies let you have even custom fittings and metal plates. A reasonable minimum quantity is usually required for Private Label and payments for the whole service, and the handbags are generally 30% at contract signature and 70% before shipping. Anyway, you are supposed to discuss these and other details with each Italian manufacturer offering a Private Label service for handbags.

Handbags can be made from calf leather, expensive exotic skins (such as crocodile, python, ostrich, lizard), high-quality fabrics or other fashionable materials. Italian manufacturers and brands are highly experienced and skilled in handbag production, delivering the highest quality and style available.  

Visit the list of Italian handbag manufacturers offering a Private Label service for the production of "made in Italy" handbags and leather goods. You can also submit a request to the manufacturers, detailing your Private Label project.

See the Italian handbag manufacturers and brands currently joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace. You can contact each or all of them, also inquiring about their Private Label service.

Leather handbags made in Italy

A selection of Italian-made leather handbags from Italian handbag manufacturers and brands. Click here for more images of fantastic Italian leather handbags and purses (wholesale, for resellers only, or private label).
The best leather handbags in the world are manufactured in Italy. Many Italian handbag manufacturers offer a Private Label service to fashion brands, companies, fashion designers and large boutiques.

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